Find Us in Stores

For all of our new Dragonism members! We thought to create a list of all the wonderful shops that carry our adoptable baby dragons!

Store Locations

Be sure to tune in for our bi-weekly store highlights!

Docking Bay 93 - Mount Vernon, WA
Mystical Wares - Mount Vernon, WA
Stupid Geeks - Lake Stevens, WA
The Snohomish Apothecary - Snohomish, WA
Clear Creek Candle and Gifts - Darrington, WA
Sassafras Vintage & Gift - Arlington, WA
Who's on First - Marysville, WA
Coffee Dragon Lair - Marysville, WA
Crafty Bee's - Everett, WA
Dragon Moon Games - Everett, WA
BobaKhan Toys - Everett, WA
Made In Washington - Lynwood, WA
Fairy Apothecary - Seattle, WA
Inner Alchemy Treasures and Transformation - Seattle, WA
Craft AF - Tacoma, WA
The Lake Store - Hoodsport, WA
Flying Cat Gift Shop - Ocean Shores, WA
Phoenix Rising - Port Townsend, WA
Third Planet Boutique - Bellingham, WA
PNW Vibes Market - Oak Harbor, WA
The Courtyard Quail - Winthrop, WA
(Coming soon) Wit's End Books - Stanwood, WA
(Coming soon) Wit's End Books - Marysville, WA
The Sunflower Boutique - Edmonds, WA
Sparkle Gifts and Whatnots - Renton - WA
The Alps Fudge/Candy - Leavenworth, WA
(Coming Soon) Leavenworth Rocks - Leavenworth, WA
Silver King Games and Hobbies - Tacoma, WA
Prima Materia Crystal Shop - Sequim, WA
Twisted Monkey - Kelso, WA
New Moon in Scorpio - Longview, WA
Love Potion Magickal Perfumerie - Vancouver, WA

Store Highlights

Docking Bay 93

Mount Vernon, WA

In Mount Vernon, WA lays a hidden gem of a shop for us classic and new game lovers. Not to mention their wall of manga or comics!! Down each aisle you can find anything you need for your next game night or as a fun date night pit stop the back room houses some retro quarter games from the hay day of our beloved arcades! This shop is a must visit and when you do be sure to check out our dice towers and give our baby dragons some love!

Mystical Wares

Mount Vernon, WA

Here you can find self-healing of all kinds, from their large Shingite section including their famous Shungite Honey to sage and sweet grass for smudging to crystals of all kinds. They also have an area in the back room with beautiful water features and copper pyramids for you to sit within and practice some meditation. There is so much more to this shop than you could see in a day so be sure to stop in and explore, learn, exchange positive energies.

Clear Creek Candle and Gifts

Darrington, WA

This is the cutest shop you’ll ever find, tucked away in the tiny logging town of Darrington WA up in the foot hills of the cascades at the base of the magically beautiful White Horse Mountain. The moment you walk into this shop your spirit will lift and your anxieties will melt away as your senses absorb the gentle smells of homemade candles, lotions, and soaps. As you walk around this small shop past the wall of candles and the baskets of wax melts you’ll find local made items from jewelry to crystal trees and of course our little dragons. Be sure to stop in periodically over the upcoming seasons as there are always new items to be seen!

Sassafras Vintage & Gift

Arlington, WA

In a small town flourishing at the entrance to the Cascade mountain range surrounded by gem-like lusciously green farmland and our state's beloved evergreen forests you can find the cutest little shop on the Historical picturesque Main Street of Arlington WA. You are sure to find the very best gift, keep sake vintage treasure or one of our baby dragons nestled on one of the shelves within the adorable shop Sassafras Vintage & Gifts

Coffee Dragon Lair

Marysville, WA

On the historical 3rd street in Marysville Washington, your next big adventure awaits! The “Coffee Dragon Lair” can be found here awaiting you with signs that draw you down to the shop entrance. Hidden in this shop is your next quest line in the form of games, books, collectibles, and of course our baby dragons; who could accomplish any long quest without a dose of caffeine that can be consumed while on your adventures.

Dragon Moon Games

Everett, WA

In a quiet tucked away shop is a hidden gem, a gamer's oasis. Here you can find any of your gaming items, from lucky dice, dice towers, game boards, figures and of course magic cards! If you are looking for a shop that is off the beaten path and a perfect afternoon hang out or if you're hunting for your next tournament game night this is the place for you! P.S. The resident pup is a cutie!

BobaKhan Toys

Everett, WA

Here you can find joy regardless of your age! From incredible Starwars Collectables to Star Trek to DC or Marvel figures to amazing finds like the whole My Little Pony collection and hard-to-find stuffies, not to mention a whole area where you can find paintings or creations by local artists! Be sure to have plenty of time when you stop in because there is isle after isle of amazing items! P.s. they host an array of events from incredibly made cosplays to pro wrestlers and meet and greets with actors and artists! So also check their calendar!

Fairy Apothecary

Seattle, WA

Securely placed among the vines and old trees along Seattle’s 36th St you can find a cute craftsman conversion and follow the Will o’ Wisps to the realm of Fairies; where the fairy magic envelopes you. The crafting of specialty wands can be experienced, magical skin care can be tested, and take on virtual fairy quests. All in the up stairs fantastical shop known by many as the Fairy Apothecary! The newest addition to where you’ll find our dragons gather.

Inner Alchemy Treasures and Transformation

Seattle, WA

In an unbelievably peaceful and charming area of Seattle WA you can find a fairy tale of a shop called “Inner Alchemy Treasures & Transformation” It is here; you will come across the most beautiful and beloved crystals, chakra sound bowls, happy drums, and the uniquely unimaginable come-to-life show stopping earrings. All treasures here have a story to tell and the artists are well versed in their abilities to bring the tales of healing and adventure to life. There is no better story teller than the shop owner herself who will guide you gracefully through her blessed shop. Our baby dragons now get to be a part of this fantastical shop and are excitedly waiting to take part in all of your adventures to come!

Craft AF

Tacoma, WA

Just off the bustling Pacific Street in Tacoma there is a shop filled with with the art of locals! Here you’ll find a cohabitation of small family owned businesses that specialize in their crafts and snacks, from gorgeous wreaths, to unique wooden signs, to tumblers, to freeze dried candies, and so much more! The Shop “Crafty AF” now also hosts our baby dragons that are now ready to adopt in our very first Tacoma Shop! This shop is a huge mile stone for our baby dragons since it is the most southern shop along the I5 Corridor! Be sure to swing in and visit them!

The Lake Store

Hoodsport, WA

Hidden along the road up staircase from the tiny coastal city of Hoodsport WA is a shop like no others, here just before service is lost you can stock up on items needed for camping or your day hike up and around the hidden gem that is known as Lake Cushman. This shop also has the best sub sandwich’s around, comfortable outdoor seating, kayak rentals and so much more! Be sure when you stop in at The Lake Store to also say hi to our baby dragons!

Flying Cat Gift Shop

Ocean Shores, WA

In the beautiful seaside town of Ocean Shores Washington, not far from the spray of the sea and the windswept sandy beaches you will discover a shop full of life, light, and wonder. A single step into this lovely shop will fill you with welcoming comfort. Not only do our dragons now reside here but so do many gorgeous gift-able or Collectable jewelry, candles, purses, fun toy filled soap, and to help fill your house full of light and the warmth of the sun you’ll find stunning glass orbs (witches balls) to hang in your windows. This delightful shop is also the oldest gift shop that has called Ocean Shores its home for nearly 3 decades.

Phoenix Rising

Port Townsend, WA

Found along the chilled coastal waters of Washington’s otherworldly peninsula is the historically beautiful seaside town named Port Townsend. Strolling along Water Street, time seems to move backwards, taking you to a more peaceful and colorful time. On a perfect corner of this street your soul can be transformed and calmed as you walk through the doors of Phoenix Rising. The scent and bright feeling will envelop you and cause your soul to sigh in relief and you will become filled with wonder as you wander the aisles that are filled with pages of knowledge, crystals of all kinds, stained glass, and the soft bells of wind chimes. Upstairs, you can find yoga items and books along with a large studio where if you are lucky, a local tarot card reader will be waiting to greet you. In this peaceful haven you can find our baby dragons, waiting and wanting to help bring you inner tranquility. Be warned! As you leave this shop you will feel an instant longing to return.

Is there a shop you would like to see our baby dragons or dice towers in? Please message us for suggestions!